Marina Country Club

Odyssey Marine was established in 2004 and started out as the distributor for diving equipment and was also in the business of custom building of inflatable boats. We have thus expanded to provide more products and services to the public. Recently, we have taken over as the sole operator of Marina Country Club, which are in charge of marina operations, development and management of the marina and all other administrative services. Although we are at the initial stages of accomplishing our aspired goals for the marina, we are very sure that with our knowledge of the industry, we will fulfil them and not disappoint our customers. Our marina is at its initial stages of revamping and is estimated to be completed by the end of 2018. Till then, we still offer our customers that come from all around the world, competitive berthing rates and a wide range of marina facilities.

Custom building of vessels are also one of the services we provide. Partnering with Karmin, Lung Teh and Jong Shyn, we cater to boats of all sizes.

We aspire and plan to uphold its prestige by following in the steps of the parent company, which is being committed to selling only the best products and that includes providing fast and efficient service to all our customers.

All in all, we are not just a marina, but a hub for all things sea.